Hydra-Leen 5

Natural fragrances, Stabilized Hydrolats using Bio-based Pentylene Glycol

Maintaining the quality and naturalness of traditionally produced floral waters by stabilizing them with modern green technology

  • Hydra-Leen 5 Rose

INCI:Rosa Damascena Flower Water (and) Pentylene Glycol

Hydra-Leen 5 Rose represents an ideal solution for the perfuming of natural cosmetic formulations. It can be used in all type of formulations (even up to 100%) and is adapted to all skin types. Hydra-Leen 5 Rose has the following properties1:

    • Antioxidant and toning properties;
    • Refreshes, soothes skin prone to redness;
    • Powerful and fresh scent, bringing the sweet smell of rose to your formulation.

Hydra-Leen 5 Rose is COSMOS approved and free of listed preservatives.

1 X. Fernandez, C. André, A. Casale, Hydrolats et eaux florales. Vertus et applications, Paris, Vuibert, 2014.

  • INCI

    Rosa Damascena Flower Water (and) Pentylene Glycol

  • Form/Odour

    Clear, colourless or slightly coloured liquid, pleasant and characteristic odour

  • Formulation guidelines

    Soluble in water, can be used up to 100% for the perfuming of natural cosmetic formulation. Preferably added at the end of the formulation at room temperature.

  • Regulatory status (approved)

    Globally approved; MSDS and RDS are available upon request

  • Applications

  • N° CAS

    90106-38-0; 5343-92-0

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