Global Human Chemistry

Our Business strives on the trust built between the customer and the supplier.

We share the same customers’ values and integrate ethnic and cultural diversity within our workforce.

As a company, we develop our global presence to be close to our customers.

Sustainable Green Chemistry

Minasolve is based on a unique green offering and application. The key product is our vegetal pentylene glycol which is also an excellent extraction solvent. Considering the deep experience of Minasolve about the Chinese listed botanicals, we wish to develop actives from botanical extracts.

In association with Pennakem, we plan to promote a range of solvents for botanicals and to build a portfolio of extracts that could be used for cosmetic and agro markets.

Combining the expertise of renewable resource chemicals of Pennakem with the chemical synthesis of actives done by Minakem will allow Minasolve to become a strong partner, offering all the ingredients necessary to a formulation of an innovative product. Synergies and collaborations are really the drivers of our success.

R&D Facilities

Our R&D strategy is based on the discovery of newer, safer and environmentally friendly processes which also include the development of innovative bio-processes. We are serving market leaders as well as emerging players, we support our customers’ efforts to improve the quality of life in the global community by:

  • Improving our chemistry and operational excellence today
  • Creating and innovating for tomorrow
  • Driving our enterprises together to go beyond expectations