A-LEEN® Aroma-3

A-Leen® Aroma-3 is a nature-derived version of Phenylpropanol, a fragrance component naturally occurring in flowers and fruits – such as Hyacinths, Narcissus and ripe strawberries.

A-Leen® Aroma-3 is a mild perfuming agent. It brings a comfortable, balsamic and spicy oriental note to personal care products.
A-Leen® Aroma-3 also shows a broad spectrum anti-microbial activity that helps to protect all kinds of cosmetic products against microbial degradation. This activity is largely pH-independent.
A-Leen® Aroma-3 is produced starting from Cassia essential oil, which is traditionally obtained by steam distillation from the leaves and branches of the Chinese cinnamon tree Cinnamomum cassia. The full manufacturing process of A-Leen® Aroma-3 is in accordance with the principles of “green-chemistry” and complies with the standards COSMOS and Natrue.

A-Leen® Aroma-3 is free of listed preservatives.

  • INCI


  • Antimicrobial Activity

    Bacteria, Yeast, Mold

  • Recommended use level

    0.05 to 1.0%

  • Form/Odour


  • pH range

    3 to 10

  • Formulation guidelines

    Soluble in water up to 0.8%, miscible with alcohols and polar oils; should be added to emulsions at the post-emulsification stage for optimum anti-microbial efficacy.

  • Origin


  • Regulatory status (approved)

    Globally approved; MSDS and RDS are available upon request

  • Applications


  • N° CAS


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