Eco-responsibility is at the heart of Minasolve’s global strategy. Our mission is to continuously offer innovative products while ensuring respect for people and the environment.

Hydra-Leen is our range of storage-stable hydrolats. These are aqueous solutions of natural fragrances produced as a byproduct from the steam distillation of essential oils. The hydrolats have a similar fragrance profile as their parent essential oils. However, due to their higher dilution, hydrolats are safe and mild to the skin. They are therefore an ideal solution for the perfuming of natural cosmetic formulations.

Non-stabilized hydrolats are quite fragile products that are sensitive to microbial contamination and can degrade over time. They must normally be stored in closed containers under cool and controlled conditions. Some non-stabilized hydrolats may even show phase separation phenomena, especially when stored in the cold.

In contrast to that, the Hydra-Leen range of hydrolats from MINASOLVE is optimized for a homogeneous composition and a long shelf life, even when stored at ambient temperature or transported in hot or cold climates. Below you can find the benefits of adding Minasolve glycols in non-stabilised hydrolats.

Flow chart Hydra-Leen 5-8

All raw hydrolats used for Hydra-Leen are produced by our Moroccan partners who maintain a close relationship with the farmers and guarantee full traceability of the ingredients. As shown in below supply chain flows.

Hydra-Leen 5

Hydra-Leen 8