Resve is a solid powder that can be added to the water or to the oil phase, under hot conditions, before emulsification. In case of solubility issues, a premix with a glycol is recommended.

Optimum stability and skin permeability is reached at pH ≤ 7. Exposition to higher pH-values may lead to discoloration of the formulation.

The material should not be in contact with strong oxidizing agents, as this will also lead to discoloration. Exposition of dissolved Resveratrol to UV-light may lead to cis/trans isomerisation.

Resve is a high purity grade of Resveratrol, a natural molecule extracted from the Japanese Knotweed (Fallopia Japonica). It is used as a natural anti-aging agent and also presents antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-acne and deodorizing properties.

  • INCI


  • Recommended use level

    0,1 - 1.0%

  • Form/Odour

    white or almost white powder

  • pH range

    3.0 > 7.0

  • Formulation guidelines

    powder that can be added to the water or to the oil phase

  • Origin

    Natural (Japanese knotweed / min. 98%)
    Natural Index: 1.0
    Natural Origin Index: 1.0

  • Regulatory status (approved)

    Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, China, Japan, Korea

  • Applications
    Body Care

    Body Care

    Face Care

    Face Care

    Make up

    Make up



    Skin Care Leave-on

    Skin Care Leave-on

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  • Properties

    Soothing ; Antioxidant ; Anti-aging ; Anti-inflammatory

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