Minasolve Hexam

Minasolve Hexam is a unique quality of Hexamidine Diisethionate, manufactured via a proprietary, eco-improved process avoiding the presence of toxic impurities. It is globally approved with a long track record of use.

Minasolve Hexam belongs to the class of membrane-active microbicides. Related to its structure, Minasolve Hexam is a stable ingredient that does not contain, nor release formaldehyde or any other substance of concern.

  • INCI

    Hexamidine Diisethionate

  • Antimicrobial Activity

    Bacteria, Yeast and mold

  • Recommended use level

    0.01 > 0.1% / max. 0.05% eye & oral care

  • Form/Odour

    White or slightly yellow powder

  • pH range

    3.5 > 6.0

  • Formulation guidelines

    Dissolve into the water phase, or make a premix in water or a diol and add at any stage of the formulation. Keep product pH < 6.0.

  • Origin


  • Regulatory status (approved)

    Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, China, Korea

  • Applications

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