E-Leen® Green B
  • patented

E-Leen® Green B (formerly called Minasolve Green B) is a water soluble liquid which can be added at any stage of the production process. It is suitable for hot or cold processing, and is compatible with all common water-based cosmetic formulations. Its balanced composition minimizes pH shifts, when added to a formulation.

E-Leen® Green B shows a broad spectrum anti-microbial activity that ensures complete protection of water-based cosmetics against microbial degradation. It is optimized for maximum availability of its ingredients within the aqueous phase of cosmetic products.

E-Leen® Green B also exhibits a long lasting skin moisturizing effect comparable to that of glycerin. It contributes to a pleasant, non-sticky and non-greasy skin feeling of personal care products.

E-Leen® Green B is a patent-pending COSMOS approved, dual-functional solution for the microbial protection of cosmetics and for skin moisturization. This “two in one” activity helps to simplify formulations to their essentials. The broad spectrum anti-microbial activity ensures complete protection of water-based cosmetics. E-Leen® Green B is an easy to handle liquid that is water soluble, colourless, and practically odourless. It provides an appropriate preservative solution for skin care, hair care, makeup and toiletries applications, including organic and natural cosmetics. E-Leen® Green B is globally approved.

  • INCI

    Pentylene Glycol (and) Water (and) Sodium Benzoate (and) Benzoic Acid

  • Recommended use level

    1.0 > 3.0% (max. 5%)

  • Form/Odour

    Clear, colorless liquid / Odourless or faint

  • pH range

    3.0 > 6.0

  • Formulation guidelines

    Water soluble. Suitable for cold and hot processes. The lower the pH, the stronger the activity.

  • Origin

    Natural origin index: 0,88

  • Regulatory status (approved)

    Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, China, Japan, Korea

  • Applications
    Hair Care

    Hair Care

    Make up

    Make up

    Skin Care Leave-on

    Skin Care Leave-on

    Toiletries Rinse-off

    Toiletries Rinse-off

    Wet wipes

    Wet wipes

  • N° CAS

    [5343-92-0]; [7732-18-5]; [ 532-32-1]; [65-85-0]

  • Certificates
    Ecocert Cosmos
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  • Properties

    Preservative ; Skin humectant ; Emollient

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