MinaSolve™ Green A

A blend of nature-derived and nature-identical ingredients, designed for efficient formula protection, over a large pH range.

MinaSolve™ Green A consists of nature-derived & nature-identical components produced from renewable resources. Its major ingredient, bio-sourced Pentylene Glycol, is sustainably made from corn cob and sugar cane bagasse.

MinaSolve™ Green A is a non-ionic multifunctional blend for the microbial protection of cosmetics and for the moisturizing and conditioning of the skin.

MinaSolve™ Green A shows a broad spectrum anti-microbial activity and helps to protect all types of cosmetic products against microbial degradation. This activity is independent of the pH and the blend is free of listed preservatives.

MinaSolve™ Green A also exhibits a long lasting skin moisturizing effect

  • INCI

    Pentylene Glycol (and) Phenylpropanol

  • Antimicrobial Activity

    Bacteria, Yeast and mold

  • Recommended use level

    1.0 > 3.0%

  • Form/Odour

    Clear, colorless liquid / Sweet, floral

  • pH range

    3.0 > 10.0

  • Formulation guidelines

    Dispersible in water. Suitable for cold and hot processes.

  • Origin


  • Regulatory status (approved)

    Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, China, Japan, Korea

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