Category : Other Acids and Esters / 4-HydroxyBenzoNitrile / CAS number : 767-00-0

Building Blocks for your future



This Building Block contains two very interesting reactive groups to insert a phenyl group in a more elaborated molecule. So, it is an interesting molecule to fine chemical and pharmaceutical companies which are developing some custom synthesis for Life Science industry.

Thanks to the nitrile group, it can be developed some amine, amide, amidine but also some ketone or aldehyde functions. One of the most promising are the amidines which are mainly used as chemical antiseptics or as disinfectants for cosmetic, mouth wash or dental applications.

Thanks to the hydroxy group, PHBN can be easily linked to acids or to acid chlorides, to halogenated alcanes,…

PHBN is a white to slightly coloured powder with a melting point ranged between 108 and 113°C.
This make it easy to handle and to use in a chemical process. 

If you need some PHBN or a more specific derivative, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

    Parahydroxy Benzonitrile  


Category : Other Acids and Esters
CAS number : 767-00-0
Formula : C7H5NO

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