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Company Profile

Founded in 2007, MINASOLVE (MINAFIN group) is a supplier of ingredients and innovative solutions with a specific focus on personal care markets. Minasolve is delivering answers and solutions to the consumer needs by developing high quality ingredients with established performance.

One of Minasolve’s field of expertise is the “MinaSolve Protect” product line, containing in particular alternatives to conventional preservatives. Furthermore, a range of innovative ingredients (brightening agent, long-lasting cooling agent as alternative to menthol derivatives, excipients, anti-oxidants) is dedicated to answer the main cosmetic market expectations. 

In accordance with its commitment in Sustainability,Minasolve has developed a unique access to the multifunctional ingredient Pentiol Green+ (Pentylene Glycol, ECOCERT & COSMOS approved) which is used for its emollient and antimicrobial properties.  This ingredient received the “Silver Green Ingredient Award” during In Cosmetics (Hamburg, April 2014).
In addition, Caprocine (Capryloyl Glycine, ECOCERT approved) has recently been introduced as a multifunctional ingredient for toiletries applications and formula protection (anti-dandruff, deodorant, anti-acne, anti-microbial).


 R&D facilities

Currently, our product development is performed in our group’s R&D facilities in France, in Germany and in the USA. Industrial and institutional partnerships with renowned experts are reinforcing those expertises. An application lab has been opened in 2012 to support our customers'

Moreover, our R&D strategy is based on the discovery of newer, safer and environmentally friendlier processes which also include the development of innovative bio-processes.

 Manufacturing sites

Our group's production facilities are located in Beuvry (France, FDA approved), Dunkerque (France, FDA approved), Leuna (Germany, FDA approved), Pittsburgh (U.S.A.) and Memphis (U.S.A.) and are offering products under the highest quality standards based on a long tradition of working for the pharmaceutical industry. The Minafin Group has annual revenues of 120 m€.

For additional information regarding our production capacity, please consult the websites of our sister companies: Minakem, PennAkem and Pressure Chemicals.



News & Publications

Last news & publications :

14/09/2016 - News

Cosmetic 360 - 2ème édition

23/09/2015 - News

Green Ingredient to Replicate and Replace Pentylene Glycol

10/04/2015 - News

MinaSolve Green B Finalist of Best Ingredient Award 2015


Next events

January 12-13, 2016

April 12-14, 2016


Contact us

145, chemin des Lilas
59310 Beuvry La Forêt

Phone: +33 320 643 182
Fax :     +33 320 643 198

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MINASOLVE : 145, chemin des Lilas - 59310 Beuvry La Forêt - France
Phone +33 3 20 64 68 30 - Fax +33 3 20 64 68 31 - E-mail :
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